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Solar Where it Works

Connecticut's Solar Rebates

If you have a south facing roof with no shading we guarantee that we can put solar on your home with 0 down and nothing additional to pay for 10 years and you get 15+ years of "free" power. If your home faces west or east, it will take 13 years to pay itself and you'll get 12 years of free power.

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Connecticut's premier energy audit, insulation and solar contractor. 

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We are Connecticut's premier energy audit, insulation and solar contractor. A division of R. Pelton Builders, EcoSmart Home Services provides energy saving home improvements through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund's Home Performance with Energy Star Program, an innovative and highly popular program that allows homeowners to take advantage of an average of $1100 worth of energy saving improvements for just a $124 co-pay.

You read that right: just $124 gets you $1100 worth of energy saving home improvements - each of which will continue to save your family money every year, while making your home safer, healthier, more comfortable and more affordable to maintain.

Starting with a comprehensive home energy audit using state-of-the-art technology including thermal imaging and blower door and duct blaster testing, we determine which energy efficiency improvements will provide the highest value for your family -- both in terms of comfort, and energy savings. We then make energy efficient home upgrades including insulation, duct sealing, and air sealing that will help you save money on utility bills, while creating a healthier and more comfortable indoor living environment.