Make 2018 a Solar YearEvery month, home owners open their utility bill and many of them look at and think, wow, we really need to do something to try and reduce these costs. There are a number of ways to make dents, large and small in the bill. Inefficient HVAC systems, poor attic insulation, and “leaky” windows can all contribute to higher utility costs. Perhaps it’s time to make 2018 a solar year.

When to Go Solar

EcoSmart can determine if all the above mentioned items are satisfactory, which they should be, before considering installing solar panels. Now, when you and your home are ready for solar, EcoSmart can determine what size system makes the most sense for you.

Solar Sizing

The sizing and cost of a solar system is determined by several factors such as:

  • Space on roof or ground mount area
  • Utility cost goals
  • Shading issues
  • Future moving plans

All of these factors can be reviewed by our qualified staff with you to size a solar system that makes sense financially and globally. We can assure you, adding a solar system to your home, will be completed only if makes sense financially for your family and the other areas have been addressed. Many rebates and tax incentives are in place for this year to make the cost of solar and many other measures more attractive and affordable.

Let 2018 be the year you look at all the energy measures including solar, that can save you and your family money. EcoSmart can play a vital role in determining which measures can benefit you the most. Then you can decide to go solar and start saving…money and the planet. Give us a call, let’s get together and review all your energy options and goals for 2018.

Save Energy Today… Get EcoSmart