Rebates and Incentives for 2018Aside from the continuing advantages of making home energy upgrades to your home, rebates and incentives for 2018 can help reduce the initial cost of improvements such as solar energy, attic insulation, high efficiency windows, HVAC, and air sealing.  EcoSmart has the experience, staff, and desire to help make your home more efficient and save you money monthly. As well, we can assist by guiding you to all rebate and incentive programs currently available.

Residential Solar Incentives

Solar power can be one of most effective ways to reduce your utility costs and offers the largest selection of rebates and incentives. The Energize CT program offers rebates of up to $0.54 per watt of solar installed. Low interest loans are available through the Energy Conservation Loan Program for eligible families, allowing them to finance up $25,000 for 10 years at rates as low as 0%.  The federal government also provides some significant incentives to help the Americans go solar. As you may have heard, the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), one of the most significant subsidies for solar, was recently extended. This rebate is worth 30 percent of the system cost, and will be deducted from your federal income tax. These tax incentives can vary from each household, and should be reviewed by a tax professional.

Energy Audit Incentives

In one easy visit, EcoSmart technicians will evaluate your home’s energy performance and install basic energy-saving, and weatherization measures such as sealing air leaks and installing energy-efficient lighting, faucet aerators and low-flow shower heads. The average home in Connecticut receives about $1,000 in services and realizes $200-$250 in savings on their annual energy bills. The fee for all of this is only $149. It’s an energy-saving program that will more than pay for itself in the first year.

Insulation Rebates

EcoSmart offers and installs several types of attic insulation, such as fiberglass, and blown in cellulose. Insulation can be one of the most cost-effective solutions for lowering your utility bills and keeping your family comfortable. Rebates of up to $1.00 per sq. ft. ($2,000 maximum rebate) are available if installed by an approved contractor like EcoSmart.

HVAC Rebates

2018 rebates and incentives are also available for replacing your HVAC system. Depending on the type, style and efficiency rating rebates can be up to $1,500. EcoSmart can help you decide which system makes the most sense for you and your family based on individual goals and lifestyles.

Give us a call and schedule an energy audit and see what energy upgrades could save you the most money. Find out all the great incentives to help lower the costs. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping make your home more efficient in 2018.


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