Factors When Considering Solar When considering solar power for your home, there are several factors that determine whether or not going solar makes sense and how much benefit can be gained. Let’s take a look at the 3 largest factors.


The placement of solar panels is critical in determining the production of your panels throughout the year. There are 2 typical locations for panels, the most popular is a roof mounted system and the second is a ground mounted array.  Roof mounted systems can be very effective in producing power and utilizes otherwise unused space. There are some possible restricting factors to a roof mounted system such as shading caused by trees, poor orientation, and roof construction. If a roof system does not make sense and you have room, a ground mounted system could be an option. Another option could be using an out building such as a garage or storage building.

Exposure to the Sun

The amount of proper exposure to the sun is obviously the largest factor in determining the production of a solar system in your home or business. Obstructions such as trees, other buildings, and hill sides can limit the amount of sun the system sees in any given day or time of year. Our techs have tools to measure how much exposure your space will receive throughout the year.

Personnel Goals

Every home owner considering solar power has different priorities when it comes to choosing the size of their system and how it could impact their utility costs. From getting off the grid to simply making a dent in the electric bills and everything in between are all good reasons to consider solar. How big of a dent do I want to make, how much room do I have, and how much initial investment am I ready to make are all questions home and business owners ask themselves when considering solar.

The qualified staff at EcoSmart can determine the right system for you, taking into consideration all the factors involved. We have a philosophy of making your home as efficient as possible first and then determine how solar power could impact your utility costs. Contact us for a free solar evaluation, and start saving money in 2018.


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