HVAC & Duct Testing

A complete evaluation of your central heating and/or cooling system will be performed to determine if it is operating correctly and delivering enough air flow. Efficiency ratings, equipment sizing, and duct leakage all combine to affect your energy costs. HVAC & duct testing is the best place to start.

HVAC Evaluation

Few things in your home can cause higher utility costs than your HVAC system. Many systems have improperly sized equipment (too large or too small). Equipment is sized in terms of tons of air, ie. 3.5 tons. Proper sizing is calculated by determining square footage of the home, sun exposure, amount of windows, and several other factors. Systems that are too small can result in the equipment running longer to achieve the desired comfort level and in extreme weather might not even get to the temperature you want. On the opposite side, equipment that is too large will suffer over the long run. The oversized system is trying to force more air into the home than it can hold. Therefore the system has more back pressure which can dramatically shorten the life of your investment. We can determine if your equipment is sized properly and decide how to make it as efficient as possible.  
Better Efficiency
Lower Utility Costs

Duct Testing

We will seal off all the registers and then pressurize the ductwork to find all the leaks in your system. Many older homes have ductwork that can leak as much as 30% to 40% of the conditioned air into the attic or under the house. In terms of dollars, that compares to losing 30¢ to 40¢ out of every dollar spent. The trained technicians at EcoSmart will evaluate the condition and level of leakage in the ductwork so your hard earned dollars are not wasted and your equipment life won’t be compromised. Contact EcoSmart and start saving money today.

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