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HVAC installation

Eco Smart Home Services offers a full range of professional heating and cooling installation services for your home or business. We feature a wide range of options including:

  • Package Systems
  • Split Systems
  • Heat Pumps 
  • Oil Furnaces
  • Mini Splits
  • Complete Ductwork

Let the highly qualified staff from EcoSmart guide you in the right direction in choosing which is the proper size, type, and efficiency rated system for your home or business with budget and lifestyle in mind. The right system can make all the difference at home or work in terms of comfort and utility costs.

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Sizing & HVAC Installation

Before any heating and air installation takes place, the proper sizing of the equipment should be calculated first. If your system is oversized, it will turn on and off too often, which is a condition called short cycling. Oversized systems are more expensive to install, and occupants often complain of feeling uncomfortable almost immediately after the unit shuts off. Utility costs are higher, humidity control is compromised, and the accelerated starting cycles add additional wear to vital components.

Undersized systems lack the capacity to meet the prevailing cooling load in severe summer weather. This means you may never be comfortable at any thermostat setting. The equipment will run constantly, which can lead to repeated breakdowns and premature failure. A properly sized air conditioning system will deliver the exact amount of conditioned air needed to keep your family or employees comfortable, regardless of the temperature outside, while helping to control energy costs.

HVAC Installation & Ductwork

While the air conditioning installation can be exciting, do not overlook the ductwork as a vital part of the complete system. Many older homes have ductwork that can leak as much as 30% to 40% of the conditioned air into the attic or under the building. In terms of dollars, that compares to losing 30¢ to 40¢ out of every dollar spent. EcoSmart HVAC partners will evaluate the condition and level of leakage in the ductwork so your hard earned dollars and your equipment life won’t be compromised.

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