Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund

Supporting Energy Efficiency for your home or business, through rebates, financing, education and more.

The Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund supports a variety of programs that provide financial incentives to help you reduce the amount of energy used in your home or business.  The Energy Efficiency Programs are reviewed by the Energy Efficiency Board, approved annually by the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) and administered by Connecticut's regulated utilities.

The Energy Efficiency Fund's mission is:  

  • To advance the efficient use of energy;
  • To reduce air pollution and negative environmental impacts;
  • To promote economic development and energy security.  

The Energy Efficiency Fund is supported by all CL&P and UI customers through the Combined Public Benefits Charge on their electric bill and by customers of Connecticut Natural Gas, Southern Connecticut Gas Company and Yankee Gas Services Company through a conservation charge included in their rates.

Since you contribute to the Energy Efficiency Fund, you should take advantage of these programs to help you reduce energy usage and costs.  Use these links to find out more about the Fund's residential programs or business programs.