Cellulose Insulation

cellulose insulationEco Smart Home Services offers cellulose insulation in a variety of applications for homes and businesses throughout Connecticut. Cellulose insulation is made from recycled newspaper (treated with borate for fire resistance), so it's a sustainable insulation solution with very low embodied energy. It also has a high R-value, has better air sealing qualities than batt or blanket insulation, and is an ideal material for energy retrofit installations (such as in attics and existing walls).

Cellulose Attic Insulation

Cellulose is an ideal insulation material for attics. Since space constraints are typically not an issue, it's a very simple process to install blown cellulose insulation to increase the R-value of your attic. This also happens to be one of the most cost-effective home energy efficiency upgrades that a homeowner can make (since hot air rises, air leaks and insufficient attic insulation represent a large portion of the typical home's energy waste). At Eco Smart Home Services, we pair any attic insulation installations with air sealing in order to minimize air leakage and maximize the effectiveness of the cellulose insulation that we install.

Cellulose Wall Insulation

Upgrading your home's wall insulation is a far simpler process than many people imagine. And since insulation in many typical homes has settled over time, or was improperly installed to begin with, it's a more important upgrade than you may imagine. (The infrared imaging portion of our home energy audit often reveals stud cavities that are missing insulation altogether, even in homes that were supposedly insulated, as well as air leaks around batt insulation that drastically reduce the R-value of the wall assembly.) By pinpointing the areas where insulation may be lacking during our home energy audit, we're able to determine just where our clients can benefit the most from upgraded wall insulation. 

The wall insulation upgrade is also a non-intrusive process. We install our recycled, sustainable cellulose insulation through small holes in the exterior of the building, which we take great care to repair after the insulation is installed. You won't even be able to tell our team was there. 

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