Deep Energy Retrofit

We are currently doing a deep energy retrofit at 168 Curtis St. in Meriden. Feel free to talk to us about the feasibility of doing a deep energy retrofit for you. We can incorporate solar hot water and solar pv, geothermal, super insulating, advanced air sealing, advanced duct sealing, high R-Value windows and whole home- real time energy monitoring. We are planning on doing 3 deep rehabs

Alot of factors go into a deep retrofit. The primary concern in always money. That being said, we can do a heat loss on your project, evaluate the existing air infiltraition of the home and also how leaky the duct work happens to be. The orientation of the home is also important when looking at Solar as a possibility. But the most important part of any deep retrofit is you. What are you looking to do, have lowered operating costs, lowered carbon emmissions, support renewable energy etc, etc etc. There is a great website to start off with at   or for a more detailed set of 'white papers'.

Feel free to call us at (860) 828-6626 and ask for Stephen Pelton.