Solar Installation

home solar installation in Connecticut

Thinking about solar electricity for your home? 

Eco Smart Home Services can help. Our trained technicians will determine whether your home is ideal for a home solar PV system. Even if you don't have a south-facing roof (the ideal orientation for rooftop solar installations), we can determine whether an unconventional solar installation could benefit your home. 

Now is a good time to go solar.

Solar panel prices are more affordable than they have ever been. Installing a solar electricity system can be attractive from an economic as well as an environmental standpoint, particularly if you take advantage of the number of tax credits, rebates and other incentives that are available to help lower the upfront cost of a solar installation. The Eco Smart Home Services team keeps up to date on the latest incentives, so that you can take full advantage in order to minimize the upfront costs and maximize payback. 

Efficiency and Renewables.

While we do offer home solar installations, we're also trained in the whole-house approach to energy efficiency, which means that we may be able to minimize the electrical demand of your house before installing solar panels so that you can go renewable at the lowest upfront cost. We also won't try to sell you a solar system if you don't need it, and we'll keep you in the loop if there may be more attractive options for your home from an economic perspective. 

Contact us today for a free phone consultation, or to schedule an on-site visit today.

After signing an agreement, we will give you a timeline for the installation of your solar system. After the solar panels and parts arrive, our professional crew will begin installing your photovoltaic solar system. Our crews arrive each day and work in a courteous manner. They will leave the site clean each evening.

A typical installation will take 3-5 days depending on size and complexity.

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We use high-quality American panels.