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commercial solar

Commercial solar energy systems today are a cost-effective renewable energy investment. Solar panel prices have dropped considerably over the past few years, and we’re now seeing an increasing number of small and large businesses discovering that solar energy can be a realistic, economical project for their buildings.

Act now and you may be able to take advantage of several federal, state, and municipal tax credits and other financial incentives. EcoSmart teams work all across Connecticut. We will help you find any financial resources to take advantage of for your solar project, and help you through the process of securing that assistance.

The bottom line of your business can be greatly affected by rising utility rates and a commercial solar system is the best way to keep those costs in check. And don’t forget the environmental benefit that a business solar system provides by reducing the carbon footprint of your building.

Let the qualified folks at EcoSmart help you in lowering your businesses energy costs, while protecting the planet. Call or click today.

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