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EcoSmart – Home Energy Services Connecticut

From energy audits to full-service home performance contracting, we offer a range of home energy services to help you start making your home more comfortable, more affordable, and more environmentally friendly. We believe that the most important first step is a home energy audit, which will assess the areas of the home that need the most attention and will provide the biggest impact on your energy savings. The audit itself is a huge money saver, offering you over $1000 in home energy services for just $149. Once the assessment is complete, EcoSmart is fully equipped to help you accomplish the energy upgrades to your home and help you with funding and any available rebates through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund. Financing is available and we accept all major credit cards.  
Available Rebates

How to Save Energy at Home

Our energy auditors will offer you different Energy Saving packages for your particular needs. We offer financing that is subsidized by the State of Connecticut’s Energy Efficiency Fund. We start with air-sealing, insulating, and then evaluating. Since the heating and cooling of your home contributes most to your energy consumption, there is no easier way to save energy and cost then to simply keep the air inside your home. With proper air sealing, we will stop the air from migrating through the walls and ceiling. After that, we perform an HVAC audit to check the efficiency of the heating/cooling system as well as any health and safety issues. We can show you if renewables are right for your home and your personal objectives. Our primary goal is to show you the best way to save energy and money. We all recognize the importance of renewable energy, but we will also show you the Return on Investment for your chosen home energy solution. Solar and Geothermal energy solutions may not be for everyone but they can certainly be appropriate and cost effective in many homes. Most comprehensive energy saving packages can be financed so that the savings will pay for the upgrades.

Home Performance Contracting

Home performance contracting includes everything from lighting to insulation, from the furnace in your basement to the air sealing in your attic. Our contracting services can help you solve everything from moisture problems to energy waste and beyond. Home performance is a relatively new field that has grown from an increased awareness of the economy and ecology of energy conservation. We address the poorer performing aspects of our existing homes and enhance your living space with energy efficient upgrades that will save you considerable money over time. Our home energy solutions will not only maximizing energy efficiency and building durability, but also ensure the healthiest possible indoor air quality for you and your family. In addition, by evaluating the relationships between your home’s various components, we also ensure that they’re all functioning as they were designed to. The result is a home that is sturdy, energy efficient, more comfortable, and better for the environment, today and for future generations—exactly how a home should be.

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