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EcoSmart – Detect Home Heat Loss Thermally

One of the key components of an effective home energy audit is infrared thermography. Infrared thermography (also known as infrared imaging, thermal imaging, or infrared diagnostics) consists of a thorough visual inspection of a home, including the basement, attic, and all the nooks and crannies, with an infrared camera or another infrared assessment device. It essentially takes the guess-work out of pinpointing the drafts and the air leaks within a home — registering, as it will, the exact temperature of various spots within the home, and providing a precise visual representation of the imperfections in your home’s thermal envelope.

Thermal Imaging Really Sheds a Light on Energy Waste

infrared dignostics

If a picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words, an infrared picture could very well be worth a thousand bucks, because it reveals the spots where your house is wasting energy (and money), and gives clear directions for fixing them. This allows us to determine the most cost effective improvements for your home, focus on the areas that will provide the greatest return on investment, and ensures that your family’s home is as comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient as possible.

Some of the imperfections in your home’s thermal envelope will be obvious: around windows and doors, for example. But homeowners are often surprised to find that air leaks, bad insulation, and energy waste are taking place in unexpected places; and that’s part of what makes thermal imaging so valuable – you might discover that the constant draft in your living room could be taken care of with a simple bead of caulk along the baseboard, or that your perennial ice dam could be forever prevented by insulating a hot water pipe in the attic.

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