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EcoSmart – Radiant Barrier Insulation

Are you researching the various insulation types to see what will work best for your home insulation needs? Radiant Barrier, while an effective solution some areas, it is not always the best choice for a Connecticut home. We have found that installing a radiant barrier in most homes in Connecticut will make a very small impact on your home’s comfort and energy consumption. While it may lead to some very small energy savings, for most northeastern homes, it could take a hundred years or more for the radiant barrier installation to pay for itself in energy savings.

Radiant barrier is effective in reducing cooling costs in warmer climates like the Southeast U.S. Not so in Connecticut, in fact is very, very rare that installing a radiant barrier in an existing home in Connecticut will lead to significant energy savings.

At EcoSmart Home Services, we find the most cost-effective home energy solutions that will produce results. While specific solutions may vary from home to home, and we will advise you accordingly if we believe that the product you’ve selected may not be the most effective in improving the comfort of your home or saving you money on energy bills.

If you have a hot attic in the summer that you believe may be contributing to high cooling costs, there are a variety of measures that you can take that will lead to lower those cooling costs, allowing you a more comfortable home and reduced energy bills year-round.

Contact us directly for a free phone consultation to discuss what the best energy saving home improvements may be for your home. EcoSmart Home Insulation professionals are trained to properly install all insulation types. Save energy, save money, and enjoy a comfortable home.

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