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EcoSmart – Residential Solar

Residential SolarWith rising utility rates, now is the perfect time to consider a residential solar system for your home.  Tax incentives and rebates can also make the decision to go solar easier. Connecticut residential solar systems are eligible for the energy production rebate of up to $5,000/yr. based on the system-specific design factor. Whether your goal is to keep your power bills in check or try to get to a zero net condition, EcoSmart has the expertise to help design a system that will achieve your goals.

We will conduct a free site visit to your home to assess available space for solar and analyze your energy usage. We will use this information to create a customized solar proposal.

We will then propose a solar system based on energy usage and available space to maximize the value of solar. In the proposal, we will determine the cost of the system, how the system will be paid for, and the return on investment. We take placing solar panels on your home very seriously and will treat it with the utmost care.

So, when you have decided to make the step to solar power, contact us, or make the call to EcoSmart and let our experienced staff design and install the right solar system for you.

Lower Utility Bills

Earth Friendly

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