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I wanted to share with you about my terrific experience with EcoSmart today!!



I wanted to share with you about my terrific experience witH EcoSmart today!!

We recently recognized a deficiency in our attic insulation and while researching insulation contractors who service our area, we were fortunate to find your company.  We signed up for the energy audit, as required, and had no real expectation of what the visit or results might be. Your team showed up on time, with their ID’s visible, and greeted me individually with a nice handshake when they entered my house.

We began the visit with an informative “Here’s what we are going to do..” and ended several hours later. Each step of what they were doing was explained before and during the process, and any remaining questions I may of had were answered promptly. The team was very professional throughout the time here, took care to wear protective boots while in/out of the house, worked well together and each member was attentive to their individual roles throughout the process. I was able to learn various tidbits throughout the audit of making my home more energy efficient and was quite impressed with the overall improvement of the “air load” determined by the air blower door test before and after the improvements they performed.

During today’s energy audit, we received improvements such as caulking around the windows to reduce air drafts, door sweeps and jamb strips, numerous light bulbs of all different sizes, faucet aerators and several new shower head fixtures! In addition, I was given the opportunity to purchase additional light bulbs, beyond the limit of the initial audit scope, at a great price!  Kevin also provided me with extensive information about our current attic insulation issues and responded to many of my questions and concerns about the insulation job we initially were looking to rectify.

An added obstacle to today’s work was having a sick young child at home during the process. Your guys were very considerate and responsive to several “What’s that?” and “Where did that man go?” I really appreciated Ryan, in particular, doing such a great job did in responding to my sons inquiries and just engaging him from time to time during the audit. A quality not always present with other contractors when they are at your house!

I still have the original task of attic insulation ahead of me, (Kevin is sending us a estimate later tonight) but the energy audit process was very helpful and extremely informative as I move forward with my goal of making my house more energy efficient. I was interested in learning of all of the various incentives and financial opportunities that my wife and I can seek as we look into these other areas too. I also appreciated the wrap-up at the end of the visit by Ryan to summarize the visit and where we could go from here.

All in all a GREAT experience with your company and especially your audit team – Ryan, Kevin and Eri!!  Please take a minute to let those guys know they did a great job representing you and EcoSmart today!!

Many thanks-
T. Jones

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